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Cover reveal for Darkness Shatters

I’m excited to finally reveal the cover for Darkness Shatters.  The model shots for this one came from the October photo shoot I discussed in a previous post here with behind-the-scenes pics.  Special thanks to my cover design team for helping me with this one (including Rachel, Sarah, Kristy, and Heather).

Below you can get your first look at the cover, book summary, and expected release date (which has changed).  Hope this helps build up your excitement for the next novel in the series!




Darkness Shatters

Models– Steve and Haley

PhotographerTeresa Yeh

Cover designClaudia McKinney



Winter has come to Alaska and it’s about to be joined by death.

Since moving to Fairbanks, Melena Sanders has watched too many of her friends die because she couldn’t react fast enough. When a mysterious illness comes along targeting only supernatural races she’s determined to stop it. But as the death toll climbs she realizes finding a cure is more complicated than she thought. Melena might have to give in to plans to reveal the existence of supernaturals to the human world—as it may be the only way to save them.


Expected release date–  February 25th, 2015

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Check back on the blog a week from now.  I plan to post the first few chapters of Darkness Shatters for you all to check out.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Cover Reveal for Darkness Clashes plus a giveaway

Hey, everyone.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the cover for Darkness Clashes is being revealed exclusively today over at Bitten by Books.  There’s also a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card.  Stop by and check it out for your chance to win.  Here’s the link:


I also got bookmarks in yesterday to go with the new cover, plus a few other goodies.  Expect some giveaways for those either here or on Facebook in the near future.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Cover reveal for “Playing with Darkness” book 3.5 of the Sensor Series


As I’d mentioned in a previous post, if the spin-off story for Melena returning the fae device to Feidlimid grew too long I would be publishing it with the retailers.  That did happen!  I hope no one minds.  At the end of the post you can see the cover and official summary for the novella.

Anyone who has contacted me already or who does so in the future will still be getting it free via email when it’s ready.  Those who have not specified their ereader type will be getting the PDF version unless they tell me something different before then.  Otherwise it will just cost 99 cents to purchase on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iTunes.

It will be available on May 31st and I will post links here and on Facebook as they become available.

When it was just going to be a short story I hadn’t needed a cover, but once I realized how long it was becoming I had to have one designed.  Sable has a key part in the novella so I thought it might be nice to include her this time on the cover.  Hope you all like it!



Playing with Darkness




There’s no avoiding it.  Melena must keep her promise to return the fae device that opens the portal to Purgatory.  Except there’s one problem—Kerbasi.  How can she go when she has one of heaven’s minions practically attached to her hip?  One who will strike fear in the hearts of the fae the moment they realize who he is.


When her shape-shifter cat suddenly gets sick, she can’t delay the trip any longer.  Only the fae can help get Sable healthy again.  And if Kerbasi tries to cause any trouble while they are there, she’ll just have to find creative ways to keep him in line.




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Cover Reveal for Darkness Divides- Book 3 of the Sensor Series

I’m revealing this cover a little earlier than I usually do before a release date, but thought you all would appreciate getting to see it sooner rather than later.  Plus I’m excited by how well it turned out!  If you missed the last post or saw it before the update, you can see some “behind the scenes” shots from the photo shoot if you scroll toward the bottom.  Here’s the link.

Below you will get your first look at the cover, book summary, and expected release date.  Hope this helps build up your excitement for the next novel in the series!



Darkness Divides cover


Book Summary:

The blood and violence never ends—it only stops long enough for Melena to relax her guard, to think she might actually survive.  For the past year, she’s worked hard to pick up the pieces of her life.  The supernaturals in Fairbanks are tolerating her, the angels are shielding her from her enemies, and she’s getting stronger as her body changes into…something else.  If not for the man she loves being locked away in Purgatory, she might even believe she could be happy.

But for a sensor, peace is always an illusion.  A magical explosion is about to rock the earth between Alaska and parts of Canada, bringing with it a new wave of fear.  People she cares about will be hurt and she’s going to need answers.  Are her enemies trying to flush her out of hiding or are they up to something even more sinister?  It will take all of her newfound strength and the help of every ally she’s got to put a stop to their plans.


Expected release date:  April 20th, 2014


*Also stay tuned to this blog for other updates, including the first two chapters of Darkness Divides to be revealed in early April.

Cover Reveal for Chained by Darkness (Sensor Series, 2.5)

As promised, I’m revealing the cover for Chained by Darkness today.  Hope you all like it as much as I do!  I’m also including the official blurb below and plan to provide the first two chapters of the book during the first week of October (most likely the weekend of the 6th).  Be sure to be on the lookout for them if you want to get an early sneak peek.  Those who had to wait for Darkness Taunts to release will recall I did the same thing for that novel and plan to keep the tradition up.

The official release date for Chained by Darkness is still October 30th.  If I can get it out earlier, I will, but no promises.  For anyone who wants to make sure they get an alert as soon as the book is available on Amazon, go here and click the email prompt on the top right hand side of my author profile page.  I’m not sure if the same service is available for other Amazon country sites, but UK buyers might want to check my profile page here to see if the option is available.

Now for the cover…

Teresa Yeh Photography Proofs


The longer a man lives, the greater the chance his actions will cost him in the future.  When that man is an immortal nephilim, the misdeeds can really pile up.  Lucas has paid for the crimes of his past for centuries, resisting any close relationship that might make his life even more difficult.  Until Melena.  Only she could begin to melt the ice shielding his heart, but then he was captured by his greatest enemies—angels.

Now imprisoned in Purgatory, he’s awaiting trial for his latest crime and knows the verdict will not be in his favor.  Lucas is resigned to the fact his life might be over, but fears without his protection Melena may not survive for long.  She’s got her own enemies back in Alaska and her mortality makes her easy prey.  Whatever happens to him, he must find a way to keep her safe.  No matter the cost.



*For a Q&A about the book, click here.

*Goodreads users can add Chained by Darkness to their TBR list here.


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