Note on the Dragon’s Breath Series and an excerpt

As some of you know, I’m in the midst of writing Cast by Flames, the final book in the series with Bailey and Aidan (not including the spinoff). There is a lot to cover in this novel, but it’s coming along well so far, and I’m finding it easy to write. Well, except for one little twist.

Long ago when I released the first book, I let readers know this one would not contain spicy elements. Some may recall this, some may not, and people who started it later probably never knew about that promise. I wanted readers who prefer not to have naughty parts in stories be able to enjoy the series. Also, I’d rather that when my boys get older they can pick these books up and it not be awkward. I’ll just have to steer them clear of the others.

Having said that, it was tough to stay within my promise while writing Torn in Flames because obviously Bailey and Aidan had a lot of pent up passion when they reunited after five years. I had to walk a fine line to show that without it going too far. It wasn’t easy! Since beginning Cast by Flames, it has gotten even more difficult. As I was writing the final part of chapter five, I deviated into “forbidden” territory because I just had to get it out of my system.

Later, I mentioned it to the readers in my Facebook Fan Group and how I’d have to heavily edit the scene later. There was a large response of people who thought I should still share it somehow (ideas varied on this). I ended up revising the scene with a lot more of what I wished I could have written had I not been holding back (even with crossing the line a bit). Then I posted the 1700 word scene in the group. They loved it.

I know I have a lot of readers who are not in that group who may wish to see it as well. As a result, I’m posting it below. Keep in mind that this scene takes place in the midst of the next book, so there are some brief mentions of things going on in the story, but they are vague without context and shouldn’t feel like actual spoilers. No one who has read it so far has had an issue.

If you’re still with me and want to read it, continue below. Please do keep in mind this is just a draft and has not been edited except me running through a few passes to try catching any typos/issues. Hope you enjoy!


Excerpt from Chapter 5 of Cast by Flames

Aidan lay naked and entwined with Bailey in his arms on the bed.  They’d kicked the sheets away from them after a most pleasurable encounter that left them hot and sweaty.  Nothing relaxed him more than time with his mate.  The hardships and stressors of the day had melted away, leaving him feeling content and fulfilled.  How had he ever gone years without her?

She angled her head to look up at him with a question in her deep brown eyes.

They’d start the next round soon, but he recognized his mate had something she wanted to speak about with him.  He traced his finger down her arm and along her side, unwilling to stop touching her.  Aidan still couldn’t believe she belonged to him—body and soul.  He kept expecting to wake up and find it was all a dream.  Would that feeling ever end?

“Ask me your question,” he said, admiring the curve of her hips.  They’d widened since she’d left years ago, likely from carrying their son in her womb.  It enhanced her form, making her more beautiful than ever.

She shivered as his finger continued along her stomach and around her belly button.  “Where are you sending Ozara?”

Aidan paused at her navel.  “How did you hear about that?”

“I saw her today, and she mentioned a trip but wouldn’t say anything more.”

He supposed it was unavoidable that his mate would find out they spy would be gone for a while, but it still aggravated him.  Aidan flipped Bailey onto her stomach so that her bare back and bottom faced him.  The position left her vulnerable, but she didn’t complain.  He began kissing her, starting at the top of her spine and working his way down.  “That is a secret, slayer.  One I cannot reveal—even to you.”

Bailey shivered as he blew his hot breathe on her sweat-slicked skin.

“The castle is shielded from Kandoran seers.”  She tried to rise, but he placed a hand at the back of her neck to keep her still.  For all her dominance against dragons, his mate loved when he took control of her.  Her breathing quickened, and she barely got out her next words.  “Why can’t you tell me?”

“The less who know, the better.  I will not risk Ozara’s safety more than necessary.”

Since Aidan had no intention of revealing anything about that mission, he didn’t bother to concentrate on the subject and instead worked to distract Bailey toward more pleasurable thoughts.  While his one hand continued to hold her still, the other roamed as he licked and nipped her most sensitive places.  The scent of her desire wafted toward him, overpowering and strong.  He ran his fingers between her thighs and found her slick and ready for him.

“I…know you…trust me.”  Her voice was growing breathier by the moment.  “There’s no reason…not to tell me.”

He nibbled at her shoulder.  “Even as my mate, there are some things I must keep from you for safety reasons.  It is a duty I take most seriously.”

She arched her back, pressing her butt against his front.  “Fine.  I’ll let you keep your secrets this time but only because I trust you.”

Her wiggles drove him wild, and it took a moment for him to clear his head enough to respond.  She knew how to torture him as easily as he did her.

“And I will allow you to keep using Freya for your investigation in Norman,” he said, pulling her body against his chest so that he could feel more of her.  “I had intended to give her a different mission, but I see you need her.  I also appreciate that she will be able to help keep you safe when you’re away from the fortress.”

While he recognized Bailey did a fine job taking care of herself, he didn’t like her out alone with the Kandoran plotting against them and aware of her existence.  He could have easily lost her six weeks ago when she attempted to retrieve her father.  Ruari’s mate was the perfect shifter to work alongside the slayer and a highly capable warrior.  With luck, they would resolve the newest trouble quickly and help with the war preparations.

Aidan rubbed his hard length along Bailey’s moist folds.

She groaned.  “I think I’m ready to change the subject now.”

“Hmmm, are you?” he asked, gripping her hips to hold her still.  “We could always play for a while longer.”

Some nights, he liked to drag their intimacy out until she was mindless with need.  No other dragon in the world could imagine the experience of having a slayer begging for them to take them.  It made him feel like a conqueror.  For all those years apart, he’d lived on the memories of having her in his arms and in his bed.  It had driven him to survive no matter his despair and motivated him to find a way for them to be together again without persecution. 

Bailey was worth every sacrifice.  He couldn’t even begin to describe what he felt about her giving him a son.  He had everything a male shifter could ever want in life, but he’d have to fight to keep it all.

“Fire,” his mate said, panting.  “Give me fire.”

Aidan knew what she meant because she asked for it almost every night.  He nudged her forward until her head rested on the pillow, yet her butt remained in the air before him.  Widening her thighs farther apart, he leaned down and blew his red-orange flames onto her most sensitive parts.  The heat was so strong it would have turned a human into ash in an instant, but for those who couldn’t burn, it sent shock waves of intense rapture when applied just right.

She screamed in pleasure and her body shook.  The first time he’d done it years ago, she’d passed out from the ecstasy of it.  Only mates performed such intimate gestures for each other, and he doubted any other slayer had ever known they were missing out on such enjoyment.

When Aidan ran out of breath, he stopped and rose back up to study her face.  Bailey’s dark hair fanned across her cheek, sticky with sweat, and her eyes had a pleasure-filled glaze to them.  He’d have given her the world if he could have.  Some nights, he took her over the edge many times before allowing himself any release.

“Are you ready for me now?” he asked.

His erection was painfully engorged, and it took everything to hold back.

She swallowed, mouth having likely gone dry.  “Yes, please.”

Aidan carefully lifted her to her hands and knees, pliant and ready for him.  He lingered just outside of her, building the anticipation for both of them.  Even though he needed her badly, he loved watching her impatience grow.  She wiggled her butt in an attempt to entice him.  It worked, and he grew even harder, but still he waited and watched her.  Just one more subject to cover before he could let all his inhibitions go.  He wanted her full attention and compliance for that.

“Dammit, Aidan.  No more games!” she said, attempting to angle his length into her.

He tightened his grip on her hips so she could not move them anymore.  “You will be careful on your mission?  No unnecessary risks?”

“Whatever you want,” she said, shivering with need.

He hoped she wasn’t only giving in to the moment and spoke the truth.  She couldn’t possibly comprehend how much she meant to him, though he tried to express the words as best he could. 

“You are everything to me, Bailey.  I cannot afford to lose you—now or ever.  Do you understand that?”

His mate turned her head to peek at him, dark hair nearly covering her whole face.  “That goes both ways, pendragon.  I love you.”

She understood Aidan needed to hear those words often, especially since her return.

“I love you too, slayer,” he said, and he pressed against her entrance.

Bailey gasped.  “Now!”

He grabbed her shoulders tightly and thrust into her all the way.  She let out a scream of pleasure, and he gave her body a moment to adjust to the fullness.  Once he sensed she was ready, he began to pump into her hard and fast.  His inner beast rose to the surface, and together their minds melded as they sought the paradise only their mate could give them.

Bailey’s fingers gripped the sheets.  “Please…don’t stop.”


Though each thrust got harder, Bailey only begged for more.  She was strong, resilient, and needed it hard and fast as well.  She was the perfect match for him and his beast.  He lost himself so completely that it came as a shock when she twisted free and tackled him.  Aidan fell back on the mattress as his mate climbed on top of him with a fierce look of determination.

“My turn, pendragon.”  She sunk down on his hard length, smiling as he groaned, and then she rose back up.  “I want to hear you beg for a little while.”

He cupped her breasts, attempting to ease her back down, but she put her hands over his and held her body still with her full strength.  Only the tip of him remained inside of her.  The beast within Aidan’s head growled, wanting more, but they both understood Bailey needed to dominate them once in a while as well.  He suspected it was for the same reason they required it.  Their world was full of chaos, death, and destruction.  These moments were the ones they could control and enjoy without reservation.

“Do your worst, slayer,” he said, voice deep and gravely.

She raked her nails down Aidan’s chest, leaving thin trails of blood.  The marks healed quickly, but he enjoyed the brief flash of pain.  His mate knew exactly how to please him.

“Don’t expect to get much sleep tonight.”  She grabbed his shaft beneath her and squeezed, leaving his tip inside.  “I’m going to see how well the silence barrier you put on this room works and if your guards mention anything in the morning.”

Aidan gave her a passionate look and pinched her nipples, enjoying the cry she made.  “Xanath put up that barrier.  It won’t break, but you’re welcome to try.”

Her body sunk down once more so he filled her completely.  They let out gasps of pleasure before she lifted herself once more.  They’d find themselves exhausted tomorrow, but neither of them would regret the night.


As a bonus, I’m including a pic below of how it might look like while Aidan is blowing fire in his human form. Found this on a stock photo site and couldn’t resist downloading it!

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