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Darkness Haunts coverDarkness Taunts - medium sizeChained by Darkness cover

 Tempting the Moon coverDarkness Divides coverPlaying with Darkness

Darkness Clashes coverDarkness Shatters
Darkness Wanes medium cover



Stalked by Flames cover (promo)


69 thoughts on “Books

  1. Ashley Hoover

    Darkness Haunts popped up on my kindle as a potential interest and I am so glad it did. I love the characters in the book especially Melena and Lucas. I cannot wait for the novella and next book. This is one of my new favorite series!

  2. Hara

    This series is probably the best I’ve ever read. Does anyone know any good fiction books to help occupy the time between now and the release of Chained by darkness?
    To the author……I love these books. Thank you.

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hello, Hara. I just now caught that your comment went into the spam filter. So sorry I didn’t realize it sooner! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what you think of the series so far. As for other books to read, I’m not sure what all you’ve already found. Some of my favorites are below:

      -Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost
      -Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews
      -Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
      -The Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill
      -Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle
      -Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
      -Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

      Plus I included an excerpt from another of my favorites at the end of Darkness Taunts that is by Debra Dunbar (A Demon Bound). You might see if that sparks your interest as well, if you haven’t already. Hope these suggestions help 🙂

      1. Ashley T.

        For the record, I totally read all of the Imp Series books (the series starts with A Demon Bound for anyone who has no clue what I am talking about) because of your excerpt. Um… it was hilarious. The “heroine” is so funny and non traditional. I didn’t think I would like it when I just read the description, but after the excerpt? I was hooked. Thanks for sharing, would NOT have read it otherwise!

        1. Susan Illene Post author

          Thanks for letting me know, Ashley. The Imp Series is one of those ones I consider a gem just waiting to be found. One of the reasons I asked Debra to let me post the excerpt at the end of my book. The humor is the best part and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female demon I could actually like until that series!

  3. Alicia townsend

    These are awesome books always looking for something new to read and absolute glad to find this series can’t wait for more .

  4. Stacia

    Darkness Divides was my “happy finishing graduate school” present to myself when my last assignment was completed. It was really hard waiting to read it, but well worth it. Looking forward to the next book!

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Congratulations on finishing graduate school, Stacia! That’s a big accomplishment and I’m sure you’re excited to be done. Also, happy to hear you enjoyed Darkness Divides after having to wait to read it 🙂

  5. Doreen

    Loved your series, just finished book 4 and am looking forward to the next one. Curious about Nik and the pixie and where that story line is going, but Mel and Lucas are my favorites!

  6. Ken

    I love your series. Cant wait for next book. Is 3.5 still due out end of this month? Love Mel, if immortal gives you to much flack, just shoot them in the eye,,lol

  7. Dawn Barnes

    Susan thank you for the free copy of playing with darkness!! I literally rolled out of bed and read it!!! And I loved it!! Can’t wait till book 4 is released!!!

  8. Phyllis Erwin

    really have enjoyed this series fixing to read Playing with Darkness and can’t wait until 4 is released

  9. Valerie

    This series is awesome. I enjoy the characters and the story they are telling. I am so glad this popped up in my suggested books it is exactly the type of book I love to read. I simply cannot wait till book 4 and will be hoping it is out sooner then later so I can read it on vacation!

  10. craig Cleveland

    Thank you for creating a whole other world to become addicted too. I love this series and can not wait for the next installment.

  11. Bernadette

    LOVE this series!!! Reading 3.5 now and can’t wait for the next one!
    Enthralled by the world you built and the characters! 😀


    I love this series!! I just finished reading the last book and can’t wait to read DARKNESS SHATTERS. I just love Melena and Lucas. I can’t wait to see what Melena gets herself into in the new book.

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Glad you are enjoying the series, Claudia. Melena is going to be a busy woman again in Darkness Shatters. Expect things to get rather crazy. There will also be a couple of POV shifts over to Lucas in this next book, which I will be warning people about in an upcoming blog post 🙂


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