Dragon’s Breath Series Maps (book 6)

Below are the maps I used as guidelines for Torn in Flames. One is large scale to cover the United States and the “known” dragon clans and territories at that time. While it could be used as a basic reference for previous books, many of the borders shifted over time due to various battles and wars covered within and outside the series.

For instance, it is mentioned that the Bogaran conquered more land between books 5 & 6, but the main characters are aware enough of those changes that I could accurately reflect their new borders on the map. The Kandoran have been up to no good, so there are places they’ve conquered that the main characters aren’t aware of yet. For those, I did not reflect the changes. New and updated maps will be provided for book 7 to provide more accuracy of those lines.

For the Oklahoma map, it has details that include points of interest from past installments as well as places visited in Torn in Flames. I know some people re-read the series and might find those helpful. I admit my lake drawing leaves something to be desired, but if you were to look at a real map of Oklahoma you would see that only a truly skilled artist could replicate their strange shapes. Also, the dashed line across the state is purposely not labeled to avoid a spoiler, but you’ll get what it is once you’ve started reading book 6. It will be useful as a reference.

I hope everyone finds the maps helpful. You are welcome to download or screenshot them to use for while you are reading.