Cover Reveal for Darkness Divides- Book 3 of the Sensor Series

I’m revealing this cover a little earlier than I usually do before a release date, but thought you all would appreciate getting to see it sooner rather than later.  Plus I’m excited by how well it turned out!  If you missed the last post or saw it before the update, you can see some “behind the scenes” shots from the photo shoot if you scroll toward the bottom.  Here’s the link.

Below you will get your first look at the cover, book summary, and expected release date.  Hope this helps build up your excitement for the next novel in the series!



Darkness Divides cover


Book Summary:

The blood and violence never ends—it only stops long enough for Melena to relax her guard, to think she might actually survive.  For the past year, she’s worked hard to pick up the pieces of her life.  The supernaturals in Fairbanks are tolerating her, the angels are shielding her from her enemies, and she’s getting stronger as her body changes into…something else.  If not for the man she loves being locked away in Purgatory, she might even believe she could be happy.

But for a sensor, peace is always an illusion.  A magical explosion is about to rock the earth between Alaska and parts of Canada, bringing with it a new wave of fear.  People she cares about will be hurt and she’s going to need answers.  Are her enemies trying to flush her out of hiding or are they up to something even more sinister?  It will take all of her newfound strength and the help of every ally she’s got to put a stop to their plans.


Expected release date:  April 20th, 2014


*Also stay tuned to this blog for other updates, including the first two chapters of Darkness Divides to be revealed in early April.

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