Cover reveal for “Playing with Darkness” book 3.5 of the Sensor Series


As I’d mentioned in a previous post, if the spin-off story for Melena returning the fae device to Feidlimid grew too long I would be publishing it with the retailers.  That did happen!  I hope no one minds.  At the end of the post you can see the cover and official summary for the novella.

Anyone who has contacted me already or who does so in the future will still be getting it free via email when it’s ready.  Those who have not specified their ereader type will be getting the PDF version unless they tell me something different before then.  Otherwise it will just cost 99 cents to purchase on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iTunes.

It will be available on May 31st and I will post links here and on Facebook as they become available.

When it was just going to be a short story I hadn’t needed a cover, but once I realized how long it was becoming I had to have one designed.  Sable has a key part in the novella so I thought it might be nice to include her this time on the cover.  Hope you all like it!



Playing with Darkness




There’s no avoiding it.  Melena must keep her promise to return the fae device that opens the portal to Purgatory.  Except there’s one problem—Kerbasi.  How can she go when she has one of heaven’s minions practically attached to her hip?  One who will strike fear in the hearts of the fae the moment they realize who he is.


When her shape-shifter cat suddenly gets sick, she can’t delay the trip any longer.  Only the fae can help get Sable healthy again.  And if Kerbasi tries to cause any trouble while they are there, she’ll just have to find creative ways to keep him in line.




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11 thoughts on “Cover reveal for “Playing with Darkness” book 3.5 of the Sensor Series

  1. Sarah L

    Absolutely gorgeous, I really love it. And if I hadn’t mentioned it before with DD then I have to say I think the new model is brilliant, she is so close to where I see Melena in my head it’s unbelievable. Sable looks amazing too, looking like maybe you’re her next snack 🙂

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      I’ll use the email you listed to post your comment above and send you an ecopy as soon as it’s ready. You don’t have to do anything more 🙂

  2. Kathie Coleman

    I just finished Darkness Divides and I loved it! May I have a copy of Playing with Darkness for my Kindle, please? Love the cover!


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