Playing with Darkness is now available!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I’m happy to let you all know that Playing with Darkness, book 3.5 of the Sensor Series,  has now been uploaded to all the retailers.  As of now Amazon and Barnes & Noble customers can grab their copies.  Hopefully Kobo and iTunes will follow soon.  For those of you who requested the novella ahead of time, I have sent out PDF copies to your emails.  If you haven’t heard from me and you were supposed to, please do let me know.

This story came to just over 16k words.  Much shorter than my other books, but I hope it helps tide you all over until Darkness Clashes releases.  There is some fun with Kerbasi and for those who need a bit of Lucas and Melena time, there’s some of that in there, too.  Hope you all enjoy it!



Playing with DarknessSUMMARY:

There’s no avoiding it. Melena must keep her promise to return the fae device that opens the portal to Purgatory. Except there’s one problem—Kerbasi. How can she go when she has one of heaven’s minions practically attached to her hip? One who will strike fear in the hearts of the fae the moment they realize who he is.

When her shape-shifter cat suddenly gets sick, she can’t delay the trip any longer. Only the fae can help get Sable healthy again. And if Kerbasi tries to cause any trouble while they are there, she’ll just have to find creative ways to keep him in line.




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4 thoughts on “Playing with Darkness is now available!

  1. Phyllis Erwin

    fixing to start this one I have read all of the others plus the novella and just love the series can’t wait to read this one and will be waiting for the next in the series

  2. Linda Schmiddt

    I just recently discovered your books and I love them! I have read all but Playing with Darkness although it is the next one I will be reading. I will be waiting for the next book to come out as patiently as I can.


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