Darkness Divides playlist and other news


First off, those of you who were with me on Facebook last night know that I picked a title for the novella I’m releasing at the end of this month (May).  After much debate and help with readers we decided on “Playing with Darkness”.  I’ve already got the cover art done and will reveal it as soon as the typography is on there.  It’s really looking amazing, especially with Sable joining Melena for this one.

I also want to thank all the fans for their support.  In the first thirty days since Darkness Divides has released it has sold over 3600 copies between all retailers and is still going strong.  This was much more than I expected for this early on!  It’s also reached as high as #3 on the New Release Best Seller list for Dark Fantasy and #6 on the regular list.  With authors like Charlaine Harris topping it, I’m happy to get that far.  I couldn’t have done it without readers like you all spreading the word about the series 🙂

Now, we’ll get on with the playlist that inspired my writing Darkness Divides and what I’m also using for the follow-up novella.  If you’ve got some suggestions for me to use with Darkness Clashes feel free to let me know in the comments.  All songs below are linked to their albums on iTunes in case you’d like to check them out further.


1) “Roar” by Katy Perry


2) “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

*Thanks to the Microsoft tablet commercials for getting this one stuck in my head (my husband likes to play the television in deafening volumes from the other room while I’m writing in what I suspect is an attempt to drive me crazy).  The lyrics to this song are rather inspiring, though.


3) “Bent” by Matchbox Twenty

*Especially influenced the first few chapters of the novel.


4) “Disease” by Matchbox Twenty


5) “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty


6) “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

*Especially influenced the fae city portion of the novel.


7) “This Is My Now” by Jordin Sparks


8) “Human” by Christina Perri

*Especially influenced the early part of the novel.


9) “Don’t Cry” by Guns N’ Roses


10) “Intuition” by Jewel

*This song just helped get me in a good mood to write 🙂


11) “You Were Meant For Me” by Jewel


12) “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

*Influenced the last half of the book


13) “Hells Bells” by AC/DC

*Influenced the last half of the book


13) “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC

*Influenced the last half of the book and always makes me think of Lucas and Mel together


14) “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC

*Influenced the last half of the book


15) “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas

*Influenced the last half of the book


16) “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith


17) “Cryin’” by Aerosmith


18) “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by Guns N’ Roses


That’s it for now.  Expect another post soon with more information about the upcoming novella, Playing with Darkness, book 3.5!

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