Cover reveal for Torn in Flames

I am excited to reveal the cover for the next installment (book 6) in the Dragon’s Breath Series. In 2016, I had the model shots taken for the rest of the series after book two. Thankfully, I had a good idea how each novel’s story would play out so I could have the model pose just right for the images I had in my head. In this one, I always knew there would be a small dragon with her. It was very exciting to finally see my vision come to life.

You’ll find the summary and other book release details below. Hope you all like the cover as much as I do!



MODEL– Rahela Mahmood


What’s a dragon slayer to do when she comes home from battle and discovers her four-year-old son has turned into the creature she hunts? While Bailey Monzac knew it might happen someday, nothing could have prepared her for this challenge without her shifter mate, Aidan, by her side. 

After fleeing for her life from Oklahoma five years ago and leaving him behind, she’d begun working for the New American Coalition on the east coast. While it has been a haven, the people are not fond of anything that can breathe fire. On top of that, she’s just received a mystical “call” telling her that grave danger is approaching the home she left, and she must return. That means crossing nearly a thousand miles of treacherous territory in a post-apocalyptic world and potentially facing the same threat that made her leave.

Meanwhile, Aidan has his own troubles. He’s paid a heavy price for helping Bailey escape his clan while she was pregnant with their child. It was the only option for them at the time, and he’d do it again, but now the pendragon has given him a deadly mission to search enemy territory. With dark magic permeating the area, sapping the life force of those who cross it, most have never returned. If Aidan wants to provide a secure place for his mate and their son when they arrive, he must face it and so much more. Only by choosing the right path will they survive the evil forces coming their way.

To read the first two chapters of the book (recently updated), click here.

You can also read chapters 3-5 here.

I am currently going through final revisions on this novel and will turn it into the editor this coming Friday. In the meantime, I will get the pre-order set up next week with a release date of February 24th. You’ll see a new post once I have links.

For those who use B&N, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play, you will have the entire pre-order period (about a month) and a week following the novel release to grab your copy. After that, I will remove Torn in Flames from those sites to go into Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. Those who prefer to read from KU will then be able to borrow their copy.

As for audio, I will be sending the manuscript to my publisher shortly before the ebook releases. It will likely take a couple of months to produce and finalize that version, but I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

Hope that answers any questions you all might have. Please let me know what you think of the cover below, and hope everyone has a great day!

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