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Other Retailers, Kindle Unlimited, and the next book!

I want to give everyone a quick reminder that if they prefer to purchase their ebooks from sources other than Amazon to please grab your copy of Torn in Flames very soon. On the evening of March 2nd (2023), I will be pulling it from B&N, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play. It will no longer be available on those platforms, except when it releases in audio (TBA) and then you could get it in that format.

To be safe, I’ll wait twenty-four hours to be sure it has cleared from them before I enroll it in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon gets very testy if they find a book anywhere else once you’ve put it in KU, so I have to be careful. Those who have been waiting to borrow Torn in Flames should be able to do so on the morning of March 4th (or a little earlier than that if you’re in Australia or Europe due to your time zones).

From that point, the entire Dragon’s Breath Series will stay in Kindle Unlimited for about three months. At the beginning of June, I will take them back out of the program and give readers on the other retailers a couple of months to get caught up with the books if they haven’t done so already or missed their chance.

Then after book 7, Cast by Flames, is released, I’ll put the whole series back into KU. For those who are wondering, the expected release date for that installment is currently late July. I have already begun writing it and have scheduled the cover to be designed in mid-May. It will be the last novel focusing on Bailey and Aidan as the main characters. There will be a book eight titled “Galadon” that features him, contains stronger romantic elements, and covers the aftermath from book 7.

Feel free to ask questions below if you have any!

Torn in Flames is now available!

It’s finally release day for the sixth novel in the Dragon’s Breath Series (in ebook format). Torn in Flames was probably the most fun and intense to write for the series so far, and I loved every minute of it. I had not expected it to be quite as long as it turned out, but it ended up being almost 109,000 words (over 10k more than the last novel). Of course, there was a lot of ground to cover literally and figuratively. I’m truly excited for you all to read this one! Not to worry, there is no major cliffhanger this time.

If you missed the details from my pre-order announcement, I’ve got the book summary and retailer links below. Also, for those who haven’t already, be sure to download, print, or screenshot the companion maps should you wish to track the characters’ journeys in this installment. They’re in my last post here.

Also, for those using non-Amazon retailers, please be sure to grab the ebook no later than March 2nd. I will need to pull it after that to enroll it into Kindle Unlimited. My apologies for the inconvenience, but a large portion of my audience prefers reading their books in KU, so I’m doing my best to accommodate everyone.

Since I know this is the next question, audio will be coming as well. I turned in the manuscript to my publisher about ten days ago. They are working to get the recording process started so that it can be available soon. I’ll update you all once I know more.

Hope you enjoy Torn in Flames!


What’s a dragon slayer to do when she comes home from battle and discovers her four-year-old son has turned into the creature she hunts? While Bailey Monzac knew it might happen someday, nothing could have prepared her for this challenge without her shifter mate, Aidan, by her side. 

After fleeing for her life from Oklahoma five years ago and leaving him behind, she’d begun working for the New American Coalition on the east coast. While it has been a haven, the people are not fond of anything that can breathe fire. On top of that, she’s just received a mystical “call” telling her that grave danger is approaching the home she left, and she must return. That means crossing nearly a thousand miles of treacherous territory in a post-apocalyptic world and potentially facing the same threat that made her leave.

Meanwhile, Aidan has his own troubles. He’s paid a heavy price for helping Bailey escape his clan while she was pregnant with their child. It was the only option for them at the time, and he’d do it again, but now the pendragon has given him a deadly mission to search enemy territory. With dark magic permeating the area, sapping the life force of those who cross it, most have never returned. If Aidan wants to provide a secure place for his mate and their son when they arrive, he must face it and so much more. Only by choosing the right path will they survive the evil forces coming their way.







Maps for the Dragon’s Breath Series

Based on an earlier post, enough readers showed interest in the series map for me to share it, along with a companion Oklahoma map. I downloaded plain ones through Shutterstock to use as a baseline and then modified them for the story. Admittedly, I am no artist, so it’s not professional, but it does the job.

The large map is only going to reveal the territories and features pertinent to Torn in Flames, though a few clans you’ll see along the coasts are in my notes but ended up not being mentioned in the book. Also, territories have shifted over time during the series due to various wars and battles. This map shows what the characters “know” to be true for this installment. Keep in mind some borders may change in the future. The book seven map will be expanded with those alterations, and I will share it when it gets close to Cast by Flames releasing later this summer.

For the Oklahoma map, it has details that include points of interest from past installments as well as the upcoming book. I know some people re-read the series and might find those helpful. I admit my lake drawing leaves something to be desired, but if you were to look at a real map of Oklahoma you would see that only a truly skilled artist could replicate their strange shapes. Some of them look like monsters from Stranger Things. Also, the dashed line across the state is purposely not labeled to avoid a spoiler, but you’ll get what it is once you’ve started reading Torn in Flames. It will be useful as a reference. Otherwise, I’ve tried to avoid including anything that would give away too much about the upcoming release.

I hope everyone finds the maps helpful. You are welcome to download or screenshot them to use for when you are reading. I may also create a page on this website at some point for the maps so they’ll be easier to find.

Torn in Flames dragon map and character sheet

In anticipation of Torn in Flames releasing in a few weeks, I have a question for you all. I have a map of where all the pertinent dragon territories are in the U.S. My beta readers and editor found it helpful to keep track of clans in the story. There are more mentioned in this installment than previous ones.

Keep in mind, it is a generic map I altered with colors, name labels, and territorial lines for my purposes. It’s out of my price range to have a professional do it, unfortunately, but it does the job. I referred to it many times while writing the novel. I just can’t include it in the ebook because I got the country outline from a separate source. This map does not list every clan that exists because if they have no relevance to the story or my personal notes then I’m not taking the time to name or outline them. So a blank area does NOT mean it’s free of dragons. I already had this question and they know who they are, though in their case they were just messing with me. I will say the Cast by Flames (book 7) map has an even more comprehensive map because I did have to add a lot more clans for that due to the plot, but you won’t get to see that one yet.

Also considering creating a Torn in Flames character list explaining who is who if there are enough interested people. I make a spreadsheet for each novel I write, but those have a lot of details that are for me. This would be a cleaner version in a PDF document with a couple of details on who each person is for this installment to use as a quick reference for readers.

Please let me know in the comments below (or on Facebook) if you all would be interested. It would take extra work on my part, but I would be happy to do so if readers think they’d find the map and/or character list helpful.

If this does happen, I’ll let you all know when the document(s) are ready and email them to those who wants them prior to the book release.

Torn in Flames pre-order

I’m pleased to announce that Torn in Flames is now available for pre-order! I’ve got all the retailer links at the bottom of this post. At this time, the first five books in the series are in Kindle Unlimited and will remain there for a while. Torn in Flames will be wide everywhere until about a week after it releases, so those who don’t use Amazon have enough time to get their copy. After that, I’ll pull it from the other sites and put it in KU as well.

In case anyone missed it, the previous novel in the series (Captured in Flames) released in audio last week. You can find it at your preferred retailer as my audiobooks are not exclusive to Amazon and available in most places. As soon as I’ve finished edits for Torn in Flames, I will send the manuscript to my audio publisher, and they will get started on the recording process. It will likely be a couple of months after the ebook release before it’s available.

I’m very excited for you all to read this one as I really enjoyed writing it. Be sure to add it to your Goodreads TBR list here!







If you all have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below!