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Other Retailers, Kindle Unlimited, and the next book!

I want to give everyone a quick reminder that if they prefer to purchase their ebooks from sources other than Amazon to please grab your copy of Torn in Flames very soon. On the evening of March 2nd (2023), I will be pulling it from B&N, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play. It will no longer be available on those platforms, except when it releases in audio (TBA) and then you could get it in that format.

To be safe, I’ll wait twenty-four hours to be sure it has cleared from them before I enroll it in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon gets very testy if they find a book anywhere else once you’ve put it in KU, so I have to be careful. Those who have been waiting to borrow Torn in Flames should be able to do so on the morning of March 4th (or a little earlier than that if you’re in Australia or Europe due to your time zones).

From that point, the entire Dragon’s Breath Series will stay in Kindle Unlimited for about three months. At the beginning of June, I will take them back out of the program and give readers on the other retailers a couple of months to get caught up with the books if they haven’t done so already or missed their chance.

Then after book 7, Cast by Flames, is released, I’ll put the whole series back into KU. For those who are wondering, the expected release date for that installment is currently late July. I have already begun writing it and have scheduled the cover to be designed in mid-May. It will be the last novel focusing on Bailey and Aidan as the main characters. There will be a book eight titled “Galadon” that features him, contains stronger romantic elements, and covers the aftermath from book 7.

Feel free to ask questions below if you have any!