Maps for the Dragon’s Breath Series

Based on an earlier post, enough readers showed interest in the series map for me to share it, along with a companion Oklahoma map. I downloaded plain ones through Shutterstock to use as a baseline and then modified them for the story. Admittedly, I am no artist, so it’s not professional, but it does the job.

The large map is only going to reveal the territories and features pertinent to Torn in Flames, though a few clans you’ll see along the coasts are in my notes but ended up not being mentioned in the book. Also, territories have shifted over time during the series due to various wars and battles. This map shows what the characters “know” to be true for this installment. Keep in mind some borders may change in the future. The book seven map will be expanded with those alterations, and I will share it when it gets close to Cast by Flames releasing later this summer.

For the Oklahoma map, it has details that include points of interest from past installments as well as the upcoming book. I know some people re-read the series and might find those helpful. I admit my lake drawing leaves something to be desired, but if you were to look at a real map of Oklahoma you would see that only a truly skilled artist could replicate their strange shapes. Some of them look like monsters from Stranger Things. Also, the dashed line across the state is purposely not labeled to avoid a spoiler, but you’ll get what it is once you’ve started reading Torn in Flames. It will be useful as a reference. Otherwise, I’ve tried to avoid including anything that would give away too much about the upcoming release.

I hope everyone finds the maps helpful. You are welcome to download or screenshot them to use for when you are reading. I may also create a page on this website at some point for the maps so they’ll be easier to find.

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