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Chained by Darkness is out!

Chained by Darkness coverI am pleased to let you all know Chained by Darkness is now out on Amazon, Kobo, and Nook!  I’m posting all the retailer links at the bottom of this page for those who’d like quick access.  For me, this is my favorite book so far.  Hopefully you all will enjoy it too!

For anyone wondering, it came out to 45k words so though it’s technically still a novella, it’s close to short novel length.  There is a lot more world-building in this one, as well as several new characters who will be seen in later books for the series.  Plus if you’d like to get to know Lucas better, this is definitely your chance.  I’ve included an author’s note at the end of the book you might read too.  If anyone has questions after that, feel free to email me or ask them on the FAQ page which I’ll be updating in the next day or two.

Most people are going to want to know what’s coming next.  As you may have noticed on my “Books” page, Darkness Divides will be the third full-length novel.  I’m expecting to release it in April of next year.  In the meantime, there is a short story coming out through a New Years anthology I’m participating in that is set in the Sensor Series world and takes place between Chained by Darkness and Darkness Divides.  You can learn more about that on this post.

I’ve been running contests on the weekdays all month for prizes on Facebook.  If you haven’t had a chance to participate yet, not to worry.  I’ll be continuing them through to November 8th to give fans more chances to win.  Since some of you don’t have an account on Facebook, though, I have one other planned that you’ll hopefully be able to participate in.  Stay tuned to this blog for details as I’ll be posting more about it later this week.  The only hint I’ll give for now is that to be eligible you must have posted a review for at least one of the Sensor Series books (it can be on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or your blog).

Also, from now until October 31st anyone who has not gotten a set of Sensor Series bookmarks/postcards (including ones for Chained by Darkness) and really wants them should email me via the contact page.  I’ll be mailing them out on Friday, November 1st.  Everyone who has gotten them so far has loved them and I still have some extras to give away.

Thanks to the fans for all your support leading up to this release, especially those who have sent me kind messages.  You have no idea how much that means to me.  You guys are awesome!

Purchase links:

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New Year’s short story for The Sensor Series…

I was waiting until I got official confirmation on this, but now I can share the news with you all.  Pure Textuality invited me to contribute to a New Year’s anthology they will be releasing on December 26th!

As some of you know, there was a short story I’d planned to post featuring Melena and her new pet, Sable (who got her name through a contest I held a couple of months ago).  Because the anthology requests we submit stories between 5-10k words, I thought I’d write it for that instead and expand on the idea I already had (Emily will have a role in it as well).  The bonus is you’ll get to read something longer than what it would have been if I’d only posted it on my website.

The theme is for New Years (with paranormal elements) and works out well with the Sensor Series timeline because it falls perfectly between events from Chained by Darkness and the next book, Darkness Divides.  It will be totally free for readers, so it costs you nothing.  When I get the file with the ebook, I’ll put out an announcement here and on Facebook.  Anyone who wants it is welcome to email me at that time 🙂

If you’d like to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads, click here.

The Stroke of Midnight Promo Graphic

Name Contest!

lynxNote- This contest assumes you have read the end of Darkness Taunts.

As I mentioned on Facebook, I’m beginning a contest today to name Melena’s new pet.  As you may recall, she received a feline shapeshifter as a gift.  I’m looking for unique names that have a feminine quality to them and hope you all can help me out.  Here is how it works:

-You may submit as many suggestions as you want in the comments section below (Goodreads users please come to my blog to post yours).

-If more than one person submits the same name, the first one to do so will get credit.

-Make sure you leave a valid email address in the appropriate field (you don’t need to put it in the actual comment).

-You have until midnight (CDT) on July 30th to get your entries in before I close the comments section.

-After this, I will narrow the selection down to my top favorites and put up a new post with a poll so fans may vote for the one they like best.  It will remain open for two days.  The name with the most votes will win.

-The person who submitted the winning name will receive a signed paperback copy of Darkness Haunts and a $25 Amazon gift card (non-transferable).  If you are a customer for Amazon Canada, UK, France, or Germany I will send the gift card through the appropriate site you use.  Regardless of where you’re from, I will be happy to mail the paperback to you.

As a bonus, sometime during August (after the name has been chosen) I will post a short story with Melena and her pet.  It will take place between Darkness Taunts and Chained by Darkness.  This will give fans a chance to see how Melena is doing and get to know her pet a little better.

Good luck with the contest.  I’m looking forward to seeing what names people come up with!

Darkness Taunts is out!

Darkness Taunts - medium sizeThanks to everyone for being patient with this book release.  I’m happy to say Darkness Taunts is live on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Since some of you are speed readers and will have this book done in a day (despite it being 101k words), I’m letting you guys know now that I will be doing a post on Sunday (July 14th) to give you all some details about Chained by Darkness.  I can’t do it at this time because it would reveal major spoilers for DT.  If you really don’t want to wait to have your questions answered (after you finish Darkness Taunts), send me an email or use the contact page.  I’ll give you a few details to hold you over.

You’ll also notice I included the first chapter of another urban fantasy series by an amazing author, Debra Dunbar, who has a wicked sense of humor.  I love her books and asked her to let me put the first chapter of the first novel of her series in the back of mine.  Our writing is close enough I think most people who enjoy The Sensor Series will like The Imp Series (her demons are much more personable than mine, though).  She has three books out so far with a fourth coming very soon.  If you’re looking for something new, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Thanks again for your patience.  Hope you all enjoy Darkness Taunts!


Barnes & Noble


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Furry Temptation- Short Story Set in The Sensor World

For those of you who have read Darkness Haunts and are patiently waiting for the next book in the series, I have a short story that takes place approximately six weeks after the first novel.  It will give you a brief glimpse into how things are going for Melena and hopefully make you even more ready for when Darkness Taunts releases.  I wrote this last summer, but haven’t released it for anyone to read until now.  Enjoy!


Furry Temptation

I wanted to ignore the mewling sounds coming from a box beside the dumpster, but mama had been hit by an idiot driver moments before.  The helpless cries pulled at me.  October in Fairbanks, Alaska would not be kind to these little ones.

“Damn.”  This was the last thing I needed.

I took a step closer, but caution kept me from going further.  A sweep of the parking lot revealed nothing but a pair of stumbling drunks from the nearby bar I’d left.  I couldn’t go back in there and ask my former date for help.  He wouldn’t be too obliging after the drink I’d thrown in his face.  My only regret was that the glass had been half-empty.

My attention returned to the box.  Those felines were going to turn me into a bloated vegetable.  Cats and I did not go well together, but I also knew what being an orphan felt like.  Maybe someone else could take them in for the night.  Felisha might be willing.  I couldn’t trust them with the vampires or werewolves.  God knows what they might do with them.

I crept closer.

The wind whipped up my hair to sting my face and blur my vision.  I’d left it down and gave it a loose curl to look nice for my date.  Too bad that hadn’t worked out.  Human men were as difficult to understand as their supernatural counterparts—not that I’d ever consider being with a sup.  My kind and theirs didn’t mix well together.

I burrowed into my wool coat and cursed the Alaska climate for the thousandth time since coming here a couple of months ago.  My last escape attempt hadn’t gone so well, damn Lucas and his ability to track me, but there was always next time.  They couldn’t keep me in this town forever.

The tiny chorus of meows echoed out even louder than before.

It was impossible to resist the call, even for me.  I reached the box and found crumpled papers and napkins littering the inside.  Small bodies were wriggling through it.  I wrinkled my nose at the pungent odor coming from all around.  It was too dark to make out their coloring, but a flash of white caught my attention.  At least mama had cleaned them up before meeting her demise.

My breath stilled as I reached out.  The kitten fit in the palm of my hand.  A place in my heart I’d thought long dead warmed as it snuggled close to my chest.  The decision of whether it lived or died was up to me.  I’d seen far too much death.

Two more warm bodies came out to join the first.  My eyes watered.  I had to grasp them tight when a series of sneezes shook me.  All three of them had taken an unhealthy liking to my neck.

They protested when I put them back in the box.  No matter how cute they were, I couldn’t take responsibility for them.  The little guys didn’t understand the effect they had on my allergies.

I pulled my phone out.

“Melena?”  Felisha never got a call from me this late.

“Yeah, it’s me.  I need a favor.”  I didn’t give her the full details.  My sneezing and wheezing were enough to send her on her way once she had the directions.

She pulled into the parking lot ten minutes later.  A few patrons came out of the bar at the same time.  They shouted suggestive comments at her as she passed, but she didn’t bother to glance their way.  The red-headed woman could have passed for a model.  Instead she chose to run a local herb shop and cater to the local supernatural population.  She’d been trying to get me to work for her, but I hadn’t decided yet.  The idea of working for a sup—even a nice one—galled me.

I stood up as she approached.

“Oh, Melena.”  Sympathy filled her eyes.  “Look at your face.”

I scratched my swollen nose.  “It’ll pass.”

At least the drunks wouldn’t be bothering me—probably.

She knelt down and inspected the contents of the box.  The kittens crawled eagerly into her hands.  I took a couple of steps back and pretended not to be envious at how easy she held them.  Cats were not my thing, but these were kind of cute.

“Can you take them?” I asked.

She sighed.  “I’ve already got two at the house.”

“I know.  That’s why I never visit.”

“There is a way around that.”

I shook my head.  “I’m not drinking vampire blood.”

“You did before.”

“Dying will make you do strange things.  Will you take them or not?”

Felisha rubbed her face into their fur.  Of course, she didn’t sneeze.  “I’ll take them on one condition.”

I crossed my arms.  “What’s that?”

“You’ll come visit them once a month.”

“I can’t.”  Nope.  No way would I go near them again.

She started to put them back in the box.

“You wouldn’t.”  She was too kind for that.

“In this case, I would.  You have to stop hiding from the things you fear.”  Damn, she would.  My senses told me she spoke the truth and they were never wrong.

“That’s ridiculous.  I don’t fear kittens.”

“But you fear the cure that would allow you to be near them.”

Tiny stars lit up the sky.  I wished I could be up there with them right now.

“Fine, I’ll visit once a month—for a few minutes, but that’s it.”  I could suffer for that long without drinking vamp blood as a temporary fix.  She wouldn’t win this battle entirely.

A smile spread across her face.  Her green eyes might have twinkled as well.  With fairies anything was possible.

“Good,” she said.  “Don’t back out of it either or I’ll bring them to your house.”

I shuddered.  Cat fur in my home would be a disaster.  I’d fought hard to have my own place—even if it was only a five-minute walk from Nik’s home, the master vampire of Fairbanks.  Orphaned kittens were not going to mess that up for me.

“I won’t back out,” I said.

“Then it’s settled.” She took the box in her arms.  “We’ll make an animal lover out of you yet.”

“Not likely.”