Name contest finalists w/vote

Thanks to everyone who submitted names for the contest.  There were some really great ones, making it a tough decision on which of them I liked best.  I have narrowed it down to five and now it is up to you all to decide which one will be the winner.  Anyone may participate in this part of the selection process by casting their vote, but please only vote once.

You have until midnight, August 2nd (CDT) before the poll will close.  After that I will notify the person who chose the winning name and arrange for them to receive their prizes.

Sometime later in August I’ll also post a short story featuring Melena and her pet.  It will be a scene that takes place between Darkness Taunts and Chained by Darkness.  The new name will, of course, be used.



Update– Congratulations to Emmadnz for picking the winning name “Sable”.

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