Darkness Shatters is now available!

For those of you who haven’t caught it yet, Darkness Shatters is now out.  This is the fifth installment of the series and events are really heating up as we near the end (one book left to go, not counting spin-offs).  If you didn’t read the three chapter sample I provided in my previous post, you may not know Lucas has his point of view in this installment.  He only gets about twenty percent of the novel with Melena still narrating the other eighty percent, but it is important at times you see things from his side (for the sake of the plots and their relationship).  I really enjoyed writing this one and hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Below is a summary for the novel and links to the retailers.  Thanks to everyone who has stayed with me this far into the series.  It’s meant a lot to me.

Darkness ShattersSUMMARY:

Winter has come to Alaska and it’s about to be joined by death.

Since moving to Fairbanks, Melena Sanders has watched too many of her friends die because she couldn’t react fast enough. When a mysterious illness comes along targeting only supernatural races she’s determined to stop it. But as the death toll climbs she realizes finding a cure is more complicated than she thought. Melena might have to give in to plans to reveal the existence of supernaturals to the human world—as it may be the only way to save them.

Word count: 96,000 (approximate)










14 thoughts on “Darkness Shatters is now available!

  1. Abila

    It’s really weird, but on Kobo the book is listed as for sale and you can put it in your cart, but when you go to checkout it says the book is no longer available. Please help!

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hey Abila, I just had someone test it out and did so myself as well. If you just “buy” on Kobo it works fine. I’m not sure what the issue is with the cart as I sometimes got an error and sometimes didn’t. Have you tried using the “buy” button instead?

      Sorry you are having these troubles 🙁

      1. Abila


        So I figured it out and bought the book and I bought Tempting the Moon too so I’ll be having an awesome weekend! I hope you do too!

        I repeatedly had the same issue at checkout when using firefox and chrome. I finally tried internet explorer and voila! So if anyone else has the same problem maybe suggest using IE instead of the others.

  2. Beccy

    I really loved the book! A lot of series worsen with each new book – yours definetly doesn’t 🙂 .


    Especially how the relationship between Melena and Lucas develops was cool. I was really anxious, how Lucas would react to Melena not telling him about his brother. The scene at Derricks was just awesome! I had to read it twice, it was so toe-curling.
    Lucas POV was really interesting, too. I liked, that he has his insecurities about his relationship with Melena – that she may not like him if she knew all of his “darker side”. I hope, you include scenes from his POV in the last book of this series.
    I absolutely adore the characters you create, your humor and the fast pace of the action – never a moment, where I want to put the book down (and if it is just for sleep 😉 ).
    The only thing I don’t really get are the angels. Why does Ariel risc falling and why are the sentences so injust? The punishments seem to be rather arbitrary. Maybe I just have to wait for the next book…
    Oh, and the sex scene was a bit uninspired. The plot of the book was really extensive and maybe that is why it seemed a bit artificial (to me at least). I liked the ones in your previous books better.

    All in all, I just want to say thank you and I really can’t wait for the last book!
    PS.: Please excuse any weird phrases or typos. I’m german and reading in english is a lot easier than writing.

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the book, Beccy. Lucas will have his POV in the next novel as well, not to worry.

      About the punishments. A lot of it goes in line with the extremity of punishment you’d find in the old testament such as the big flood, destruction of Sodom and Gamorrah (which was purposely referenced in this book for that reason), etc. Having said that, it doesn’t mean things with the series will end as gloomy as they might seem right now. Have a little faith most things will work out in the end 🙂

      And thanks so much for following the series!

  3. Abila

    That was a really mean cliffhanger!


    I’m dreading what they will do to Melena in that place, but hopefully they’ll just make her mine ore and not torture her? Maybe she’ll be able to get Bartol to come out of his shell a little while she’s there; and if their sentences end at the same time, then hopefully they can leave together? Lucas must be dying inside and I wouldn’t be surprised if he regains his hard feelings toward Micah for getting her into this mess to begin with. I’m sure the nerou, especially Olivia, will feel terrible that she was punished for freeing them since they seem like such gentle souls. Every time Mel and Luc come back together, they get ripped apart from each other again. Obviously the pattern will end with the next book, but it sucks! If she does get tortured, she’s not going to be the same afterward. To endure prolonged torture generally requires a person to shut-down emotionally, and flipping that switch back on once someone is free is a very hard process. She hasn’t been immortal long enough to endure the kind of torture that Lucas went through, but if they do torture her I don’t think she’ll rebound from it as fast as Lucas did since he has had so much more experience with it.

    And why Hunter?? I really liked him even way back when he was bringing dead bunnies to Em on the full moon.

    And I really don’t understand Ariel’s punishment. Why was it so harsh? It’s not like she killed anyone, right? Why didn’t they just strip her wings and let her live on Earth to punish her for consorting with the Earth-bound races? Is it because the angels aren’t supposed to do anything to actually affect events on Earth? Only punish after a crime is committed? My heart breaks for her! I feel like her situation perfectly embodies the sentiment that no good deed goes unpunished. That goes for Mel an Yerik too, but obviously to a lesser degree. She was the only reason Mel could get Lucas out of Purgatory. Can hell be escaped? Can she be saved by anyone? The idea of a being like her being tortured and having her soul blackened in the pits of hell makes me feel sick.

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hello, Abila. If this will help reassure you a little, than read on but be aware there are some minor spoilers so don’t read if you’d rather wait to find out:

      Kerbasi was the only guardian who actually tortured his prisoners and he’s been removed from the equation (plus semi-rehabilitated). The guards/guardians currently in Purgatory might treat Melena badly or be rough with her, but they won’t actually torture her because they know they’ll get in trouble. So don’t worry about her coming out of there scarred and very different. Plus she’s a rather resourceful woman and unlike anything they’ve dealt with before. Her stay there won’t be half as bad as you think.

      As for Ariel, she wasn’t supposed to be affecting things on earth the way she was and certainly not repeatedly. Especially helping Melena break into Purgatory twice and encouraging sups to come out into the open. They used her to set an example. Having said that, things could get better for her with a little help in the future…you’ll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

      Hope these answers help!

      1. Abila

        Thanks for making me feel better! And I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind spoilers! When I was a teenager and reading LotR, I made one of my good friends tell me what happened to Frodo and the ring before I finished because the anticipation almost killed me and same with the last Sookie Stackhouse novel. I started at the end because I was going to puke from wanting to know if Sookie and Eric worked out and then read the rest of the book while sobbing with a strong drink in hand. LOL =)

        Well you certainly know how to set up a cliffhanger because I was convinced that your description of a guardian older and more powerful than Kerbasi with malevolent emotions along with a despairing Bartol had me fearing the worst. I really hope we’ll get to see more from him in the last novel. Now that you’ve reassured me, I’m sure that the guards and guardians have no idea what’s in store for them with Mel as their prisoner. Most likely at the end of the 3 months the guards and guardians will be happy to see the back of her. And I’m happy that Ariel will be granted a reprieve in her future. I hope she doesn’t suffer too much because her intentions were noble. But I guess as the song goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

        1. Susan Illene Post author

          Poor Bartol is perpetually in despair, but at least he had pants this time. Luckily his sentence does end the same time Melena’s does (which is not entirely a coincidence).

          Glad I could alleviate your fears. I’m not one of those authors who will shy away from answering questions. I just won’t give you too many specifics 🙂

  4. Patricia Granica

    Yeahhh finally! ! Loved the book! ! Can’t wait for the next one. Even though I’m sad that it will be the last. Thank you for writing this series! Greetings from Germany

  5. Lisa

    Oh, I had so much fun this week!! I’m a hardcore reader who has to continue scouring Amazon daily to find new authors because I’m always updated on all my favorite authors, of which I have well over 75..lol..I kid you not. My library,including kindle is way past the 3000 point…I quit counting. Anyway, back to my fun…I realized I had missed your book 5 Darkness Shatters when it came out (disappointed in myself, how could I let that happen


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