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Cover Reveal for Darkness Taunts

I am super excited to reveal the cover for the second book of the Sensor Series, Darkness Taunts, to you all today.  Below is all the latest information on the book, plus the excerpt I promised.  You can also find two other excerpts from the novel at my friend Angela Wallace’s blog (she snagged the one with Lucas) and at Bookish Brunette’s site (she has the most action-packed one).  Their posts will be up this morning (May 15th).  If you are a member of Goodreads, you can add the novel to your TBR list here.

Darkness Taunts - medium size

Cover design by Claudia at Phat Puppy Art

w/typography by Ashley at Bookish Brunette


Melena Sanders has managed to avoid all things inhuman for most of her life, but after coming to Fairbanks, Alaska to rescue her best friend from supernaturals she hasn’t been allowed to leave.  That is, until her long-time nemesis comes to collect a favor she owes him.  Lucas might be half angel, but he’s all bad as far as she’s concerned.

Paying him back might get her out of town for a while, but her new destination will be anything but enjoyable.  Mel’s got to help the nephilim take care of a demon possession outbreak in Juneau.  Although something like this hasn’t happened for thousands of years, Lucas is certain Melena’s rare abilities are the key to solving the problem.

With violence in the capital city growing, she’s going to have to figure out how to stop it fast before the trouble spreads to other places.  Not only that, but working closely with Lucas is changing the dynamics of their hate-hate relationship—worrying her even more than the demons.  Getting back to her captivity in Fairbanks never looked so good.



Kariann was kicking my ass and it sucked even more than all the other times she’d done it.  To be fair, the six centuries she’d had to build her strength and experience gave her an unfair advantage.  She’d smacked me with the flat of her sword at least a dozen times already.  I was going to end up meeting Lucas tonight looking like a worn out punching bag—not that he’d care so long as I got the job done.

“Thinking about pretty boy isn’t going to help you fight any better, little sensor,” Kariann derided.

“What makes you think I’m thinking about Lucas?”  I asked.  Damn that last sword strike made my arm numb.

She laughed.  “You just gave yourself away.  I had no idea who you were thinking about, but figured you’d tell me.”

“Whatever,” I said.  “I’m just pissed at him right now and not thinking clearly.”

She struck at me again.  “Sure you are.”

I blocked and slammed her kneecap with the heel of my boot.

She stumbled back and flashed her teeth—fangs included.  “I’ll be damned.  Maybe thinking of him does help your fighting skills.”

My shoulders sagged.  “Are we done yet?”

“Hmmm, when was the last time you hit the gym?” she asked.

“A couple days ago, but I don’t have time for it now.”  My body felt like hammered shit.  Working out in the gym would have to wait.

“You’re about to go up against demons and they won’t be as nice as I am.”  The innocent look she attempted did not work at all.

I sheathed my sword and gathered my things.  “They aren’t demons.  They are humans possessed by demons, which makes them not quite as strong and a lot easier to take down.”

“Not that easy.”  She grabbed my arm.  “If you aren’t going to work out, then you’re at least going to get your injuries healed.”

“Oh, no.”  I dragged my feet as she pulled me along.  “You can’t make me do it.”

My struggles didn’t slow her down.  “Wanna bet?”

I should have kept my mouth shut.  She tossed me over her shoulder and moved at super vamp speed through the house.  As his second in command, Kariann was one of the few keyed to the magic protection barrier surrounding Nik’s bedroom—wouldn’t want just anybody to interrupt the unholy acts that took place in there.  She could pass through it without his permission.

As soon as we entered, she dumped me on the floor.  I glared at her and got up as gracefully as I could manage.  Too bad she insisted I keep my gun put away when we trained.  It’d be interesting to see how her brains looked with a big hole in them.

The master vampire stood a few feet away with his hands on his hips.  At least he had clothes on this time and no women wrapped around his appendages.  That’d make this visit slightly easier to handle.

“I see she came without too much fuss,” he said, grinning at the Amazon of a woman who’d brought me.

She is not drinking your blood,” I said, backing away.  “You can forget about it.”  I swiveled on my heels and moved for the door.  Kariann stepped right in front of me.

“Melena.”  She gripped my shoulders.  “You have cuts and bruises all over your body.  You could hardly keep your sword up when we fought for reasons you refuse to explain.  We aren’t going to let you go to Juneau without at least getting you healthy again.  Stop being such a baby and just suck his blood.”

That didn’t come off as sounding dirty or anything.  Vamps always had their minds in the gutter.  I crossed my arms.  “No.”

Nik motioned Kariann aside.  “Remember what we talked about last night?  If you want to deal with the demon problem, you’re going to have to do it the smart way.  Keeping yourself strong and healthy is part of that.  Is your stubbornness and pride really worth risking people’s lives over?”

I exhaled a deep breath.  He had a point—even if I didn’t have to like it.  “Fine, but it has to be from the wrist.”

He bit into his arm and held it out to me.  No look of triumph.  At least he had the decency not to gloat this time.


Expect the eBook to release on June 30th.  It should be available on Amazon right away followed by Kobo and Nook.   If you have any questions, feel free to ask!