Quick update

I’m in the final stages of getting Darkness Clashes together.  It is my hope to have the novel ready by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.  For all the awesome readers waiting for it, please know I am working hard to get it done but not before I’m sure it’s the best I can make it.

If you’ve signed up for an email alert, I have been receiving them (even if I haven’t replied) and will send you the appropriate retailer links the moment the book goes live.  Yes, I personally will do it.  Anyone else interested in getting that alert may head to the contact page to put in their request.  Please be sure to include which retailer you use since the timeframe it takes for each of them to make books available on their sites do vary.

I’ll also post an update on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter when the book is out.  Those are other good ways to stay up to date.  Thanks for your patience.

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