Cover Reveal for Chained by Darkness (Sensor Series, 2.5)

As promised, I’m revealing the cover for Chained by Darkness today.  Hope you all like it as much as I do!  I’m also including the official blurb below and plan to provide the first two chapters of the book during the first week of October (most likely the weekend of the 6th).  Be sure to be on the lookout for them if you want to get an early sneak peek.  Those who had to wait for Darkness Taunts to release will recall I did the same thing for that novel and plan to keep the tradition up.

The official release date for Chained by Darkness is still October 30th.  If I can get it out earlier, I will, but no promises.  For anyone who wants to make sure they get an alert as soon as the book is available on Amazon, go here and click the email prompt on the top right hand side of my author profile page.  I’m not sure if the same service is available for other Amazon country sites, but UK buyers might want to check my profile page here to see if the option is available.

Now for the cover…

Teresa Yeh Photography Proofs


The longer a man lives, the greater the chance his actions will cost him in the future.  When that man is an immortal nephilim, the misdeeds can really pile up.  Lucas has paid for the crimes of his past for centuries, resisting any close relationship that might make his life even more difficult.  Until Melena.  Only she could begin to melt the ice shielding his heart, but then he was captured by his greatest enemies—angels.

Now imprisoned in Purgatory, he’s awaiting trial for his latest crime and knows the verdict will not be in his favor.  Lucas is resigned to the fact his life might be over, but fears without his protection Melena may not survive for long.  She’s got her own enemies back in Alaska and her mortality makes her easy prey.  Whatever happens to him, he must find a way to keep her safe.  No matter the cost.



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Chained by Darkness (book 2.5)

6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Chained by Darkness (Sensor Series, 2.5)

  1. Elissa

    Hi I just read the first two books and am so excited for this one to come out. The cover looks great. I was wondering about the title 2.5. Is this going to be a short story?

  2. Susan Illene Post author

    Hi, Elissa! The 2.5 is for two reasons. One, is because it’s told from Lucas’ perspective(though there might be one scene from Mel’s point of view…). The other is because it is shorter than the previous novels. Chained by Darkness will be somewhere around 45,000 words, which is about half the length of Darkness Haunts. I won’t know the final count until I finish edits because I tend to add and delete a lot so it bounces up and down a bit before I’m done.

    I hadn’t originally planned to write this one, but there were too many things happening off screen from Melena between books 2 & 3 that I felt it was necessary to squeeze this one in. You’ll get to learn more about Lucas’ past, meet some new characters, and see how the angels operate. I’ll be posting the first two chapters this weekend (probably Saturday night).

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hey, Amy. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve uploaded Chained by Darkness to Amazon, Kobo, and B&N. As soon as I have purchase links, I’ll post them 🙂


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