Sign-up for Cover Reveal of Chained by Darkness

I wanted to give any readers who have blogs a chance to sign-up for the cover reveal.  It’s going to take place on September 18th.  I promise the cover looks really good and all I’m waiting on now is the typography.

Anyone who hasn’t read this post (which gives a lot more information on the book) may not be aware that this is a novella with Lucas as the main character.  He is the one on the cover, along with a depiction of how I see him in Purgatory.  Honestly, it turned out even better than I imagined and I think you all will love it.  The same designer handled this one as the previous two.  I did arrange a photo shoot with a  professional photographer last month (it was tough going through all those photos afterward, let me tell you) so you won’t find the model pose on any other book.  It does show his face, as a hint.

For anyone who doesn’t have a blog, not to worry.  If you’re subscribed to this one or follow me on Facebook/Twitter, I will post the announcement and you’ll get a chance to see it on the reveal date.  I’ll be updating the cover on Goodreads as well so you can add Chained by Darkness to your TBR list if you have an account there and haven’t done so already.  This is the link.

Bloggers who want to participate-I need you to send me a message via the contact form.  Be sure to include your name and blog URL (it should be an established blog).  I’ll respond as soon as I can to let you know you’ve been added to the list to participate.  A couple of days before the reveal I’ll send you all the materials you need to put up your post.  I do ask that you do not share it with anyone until the assigned date.

Thanks in advance to those who sign-up!


On a related note, I actually bought the rights to two model poses after the photo shoot.  I’ll be using the second one for promo material.  At the end of this month I’m going to work with the designer to create some post cards and book marks (they will vary since I want some depicting the other novels in the series as well).  If people show an interest in posters, I may even see about getting those as well.  They probably won’t be ready until late October/early November, but I will be holding contests on Facebook to give them away.  If you’re interested, make sure you follow me there so you don’t miss your chance to win!

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  1. Connie Petritis

    When is book 3 of the series coming out? Sure I would love to win a contest but I would rather have the new book to read.


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