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Book trailer for Darkness Divides

I’ve got some more fun stuff for you all to help you get exited for the next book in the Sensor Series, Darkness Divides.  This book trailer took months of planning to make it happen, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and grateful to the team of people who helped me put it together.

To warn you, I have some subtle hints in the backgrounds that may not make full sense to you now, but will after you read the book.  Just know every part of this trailer was done for a reason.  Hope you enjoy it!



For those who missed it on Facebook, I’m also posting a promo shot of Lucas and Melena together.  It’s meant to capture the scene at the end of Chained by Darkness when they confessed how they felt about each other.  Of course, we embellished it a bit with the fire to add intensity to the scene 🙂


Lucas and Mel promo 1


Photography by Teresa Yeh

Models- Haley and Steve

Design/artwork- Claudia McKinney

Hair/make-up artist- Nadya Rutman