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Author Interview for the Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson Show

Everyone seriously needs to listen to this episode.  For one, because I’m on it and I talk about my new novel, Darkness Haunts.  For two, because we had so much fun and got a bit (or a lot ) wild.  We talked about writing, publishing, music, and tons of other stuff.  Everyone who has listened so far has really enjoyed it.  My only warning is don’t exercise or do anything complicated while tuning in.  People have been known to nearly fall off treadmills from laughing too hard.  Also, keep any children out of hearing distance.  This is very much an adult interview. You can also load it for free from iTunes or on some Podcast apps.

Also, if you like the new theme song played on there, titled I will, check out Melissa’s post below to find out more about it and where it can be purchased.  I’ve already got it downloaded onto my iPod!  The video for the song is below as well.

New Theme Song for 2012 by Kayo Marbilus