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Photo shoot for the Sensor Series with a trip to Boston

I apologize ahead of time that this is a long post, but I promise it’s worth reading and there are lots of pics!

This past month has been super busy.  As most of you know I negotiated a contract for my audio rights.  Right after that I had to begin furious planning for a book cover/promo photo shoot I’d scheduled months ago.  With the help of four wonderful fans who make up my design helper team (thanks Heather, Sarah, Rachel, and Kristy) we had to come up with concepts for the covers, choose wardrobes & props, decide on poses, hair styles & make-up, and the list goes on.  We also had to make sure everything was ordered and shipped before the photo shoot.  Because of pushing back the release on Darkness Clashes we had less than two weeks to pull all this off.  We’re also in three different countries/continents, which made correspondence times between us a bit wonky.

Let’s just say it was hectic and I’m so thankful to my team for pulling through to help me get things ready.

Despite our best efforts, though, not everything could go the way we hoped.  For instance Continue reading