Writing and publishing updates for September 2022

I’ve got a few news items for you all. Mostly, it relates to the Dragon’s Breath Series, but also a side note about the Sensor Series.

First, Stalked by Flames is no longer free and back to its regular price. I hope everyone who wanted a copy managed to grab it over the last few weeks. In the coming days, I am going to start pulling the Dragon’s Breath Series off of the other retailers so I can start enrolling the eBooks in Kindle Unlimited. This is going to happen one at a time, so those who are still working their way through the series from Nook, Kobo, etc have a reasonable chance to get the next installments before they’re gone. After that, the series will only be available on Amazon. I know times are tough right now, and for some readers, it’s easier to borrow books.

For those who have already read Captured in Flames, I’m sure you’d like an estimated release date. I’m shooting to have Torn in Flames out by Christmas, but I won’t say for certain until I’m farther along in the book. I know many of you are itching to find out what occurs next, though, so I have posted the first two chapters (almost 10k words) on another page on this site. You can read them here. I’m working on the novel every chance I get because I definitely don’t want the wait to be long for this one!

Also in regards to that, Torn in Flames is the sixth installment and then there will be one more afterward to wrap up Bailey and Aidan’s story (making the total seven). I plan to do a spin-off with Galadon as well once the main series is complete. His will be more romance focused, but still plenty of action. If all goes well, book 7 and his novel will come out next year (2023).

As for the Sensor Series, some people have been asking if I’m totally done with it. Obviously, I’ve had a lot of other things going on with my life and needed to wrap up the Dragon’s Breath Series first before considering anything else. Having said that, I’m still wanting to do at least one book with Kerbasi because he’s fun and the most requested. Please let me know your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Writing and publishing updates for September 2022

  1. Trudy

    I really love both the Dragon’s Breath Series & Sensor Series. It would be fabulous to continue both and/or do spin-offs. Audio is my preferred format and both these series especially rock in audiobook. I’m hoping that future releases will include audio formats. Thank you for the amazing, action filled adventures!

  2. Larry

    I’ve been a fan since your first book and have read all of them. I have yet to be dissapointed. If you write them I will read them. More Sensor books is a plus.

  3. Michelle

    I really love this series and was left with wanting more, so I decided to read the first two chapters of the next book and I’m now regretting it!
    I feel like a junkie in need of my next fix.
    Thank you so much Susan for sharing your stories with us.

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Glad you are enjoying the series! The early chapters are pretty much all cliffhangers as I switch between Bailey and Aidan to get the story moving forward. This was the most natural stopping spot I could find, as well as being nearly 10k words. It at least gives you a good idea of how the next book will go.


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