Darkness Wanes is now available!

I know you all have been waiting patiently (or in some cases impatiently) for the sixth and final novel in the Sensor Series to release.  Darkness Wanes is now available at Amazon and the other major retailers (see the bottom of this post for all the links).

This novel ended up being just over 126k words long in order to wrap up everything relating to Lucas and Melena (though a few open threads are left for spin-off books with other characters).  It took a long time to get this novel finished, but I’m pleased with how it turned out and hope you will be, too.  For audio listeners, my publisher just let me know Darkness Wanes will be released on June 21st in audio format.  They’ve got it on schedule with the same narrator who has handled all the other Sensor books.

There is also a bonus holiday short story featuring Kerbasi, titled An Unexpected Gift, included at the end of the book.  I originally revealed the story over at Nocturnal Book Reviews in December, but it has not been available in an ebook until now.  On the Sensor Series timeline, An Unexpected Gift falls after the end of the main series so it does give you a little glimpse into how things are going for some characters approximately seven months down the line.  There will also be full-length spinoff novels set in the Sensor World in the future.  I expect to release the first one in early 2017.  For the rest of this year, though, I’ll be focusing on the dragon books.

Below is a summary for the novel and links to the retailers.  Thanks to everyone who has stayed with me to the end of the series.  All the kind words of encouragement and messages from fans have meant a lot.

Darkness Wanes medium coverSUMMARY:

Melena Sanders is locked away in Purgatory, which is no vacation, but she’ll soon be returning to Alaska where troubles are mounting once again.  Suspicious fires are breaking out, supernaturals are being attacked, and there’s an enemy lurking out there waiting for his chance to strike.  Her lover, Lucas, is managing to hold their home together during her absence, but he’s more than ready for her to return.  It will take the two of them working together, along with friends and family, to overcome the darkness that is about to unleash.

Word count: 126,000 (approximate)







2 thoughts on “Darkness Wanes is now available!

  1. Abila

    Hey Susan!

    Wonderful job on this! I’m sure with all the stuff going on in your life recently that it can’t have been easy to get this written so thank you.

    I’m so excited to read Bartol and Cori’s story, but I won’t lie and say that I won’t miss Lucas and Melena terribly. I was hoping for a little more time with them living a boring, but happy life so I’m glad that you haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of another book (or short story). I would love to be witness to Melena and Lucas getting pregnant, the ensuing pregnancy, and the birth of their first baby because I would imagine that it would be quite hilarious and very sweet.

    I don’t know how easy it would be for you to write about that topic though while struggling with your own difficulties in regards to having a baby. Who knows though? It might turn out to be cathartic to live it vicariously through Lucas and Melena.

    I’m sure you’ve heard so many of these stories from readers, but my parents tried for seven years before getting pregnant with me. I’m their first child and they went through all kinds of invasive procedures with no result until one doctor finally gave my mom a hormone pill and she was pregnant less than two months later. I hope that offers you some small measure of comfort. Don’t give up! Even when it feels hopeless. I promise that when you are telling your first child about how much you wanted them and everything that you and your husband went through to have them in your life, that it will all be worth it in hindsight.

    P.S. Thank you again for sharing Lucas and Melena with us and thank you so much for your service to our country.


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