Giveaway #2 and other news…

The last couple of days have been interesting for me.  We discovered the carpet was getting rather damp outside the closet in the spare bedroom.  Upon closer inspection, we found out the hot water heater had been leaking.  It’s at the back of a large walk-in closet where I store all the stuff I don’t use often.  I probably hadn’t been in there in a week so I’ve got no idea when this leak first started.  Most of the things on the floor were wet and after I began clearing it out I found fresh mold along one of the walls.  Ugh.

My husband is going to school full-time right now with classes during the day and evenings.  This left it up to me to pull everything out of the closet (throwing away anything damaged) and clear out half the spare bedroom where the water had infiltrated.  Our place isn’t very big.  I’ve now got stuff strewn across the living room and dining room or piled in the part of the spare bedroom that wasn’t affected.  At least the water had the decency to stop just before the treadmill I get around to using about a dozen times per year.

The maintenance guys came and tore all the carpet out of the closet and removed the padding underneath part of the bedroom carpet.  They also used a machine to suck up any remaining water.  We’ve now got a super fan that is extremely loud blowing across everything to dry it out.  They also bleached down the mold spot in the closet.  The cats are unhappy because the super fan is too loud for them and they don’t like the disruptions going on in their home.  They stayed with me last night in the master bedroom which is on the opposite end of our place from where the water damage occurred.  We were at least lucky this didn’t happen in the parts of our apartment where we spend a lot of time.

Below are some pics with the super fan being the first.  We had to lift the treadmill since the fan needed to be sitting in a dry place for it to blow onto the damp parts of the carpet.  One of my cats (his name is Spock) helped me take some of the other photos.  Last November, I found him crying his little head off underneath my car engine.  At the time he was only six weeks old and it took me the better part of three hours, lying on the pavement in the pouring rain to coerce him out of there.  He’s been rather attached to me ever since and follows me wherever I go.

Super fan pic Closet pic #1

Closet pic #2
Closet pic #3

Needless to say, it’s a little crazy in our home right now.  Not a good time for water leaks .  I’m probably going to surprise my aunt and uncle by going to work on Darkness Wanes at their place today.  It’s a little too chaotic and loud for me here and the maintenance guys won’t be back until next week to put new flooring down, plus a new hot water heater.


Now, for the second giveaway I promised would happen this week (thanks to everyone who participated last week!).  I just received CD copies for the audio version of Stalked by Flames from my publisher.  I’ve also got new tote bags I ordered with the Stalked by Flames cover on the side.  The first three people who reply to this post will each get an audio CD set and a tote bag.  This is open to international folks.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, not to worry, I will approve it as soon as I can and it will appear in the order it came in.  Please be sure to leave a valid email address in the appropriate field so I can contact you if you’re a winner.

There will be a third giveaway next week with something different!

16 thoughts on “Giveaway #2 and other news…

  1. Lisa Wubbenhorst

    I am glad you found that leak before it got even worse. I def think you should go bug your aunt and uncle so you can get some writing done cause I personally am not so patiently waiting for the next book 🙂

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      I’m planning to head there soon, Lisa. My aunt told me on the phone last night I could use their place if needed.

      Congrats on being the first winner!

  2. Joanne Careri

    So sorry about the leak… We had a brand new roof installed last July and our roof leaked the first time it rained! We’re supposed to have a 10 year warranty but the roofers have stopped taking our calls. Scared of what winter will bring…

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Trudy. I’m feeling generous today and since I do have an extra tote and one more audio CD set I can give out, you can be the fourth winner. Expect an email from me shortly 🙂

  3. Rachel

    *This comment is not for the giveaway*

    Wow, that sucks! That happened to my bedroom a few years back and was a huge pain!

    Also, I totally know how it feels having the husband in school and being left in charge of everything. Hunter worked 35 hours a week and was in engineering school for four years while I was basically a single mom at home. Stay strong and invest in some wine! Ha!

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Ha ha, Rachel. It’s hard enough to get husbands to do things when they are around. I won’t even get into the difficulties and complexities of convincing mine to change out a light bulb. He’s happy to turn on every light in place when he’s here, but completely ignores them if they go out. You’d think I was asking him to perform rocket science or something.

  4. Catherine Sarault

    There are few things worse than leaking things in your home. Been there, done that. Hopefully, everything will return to normal soon, and poor Spock will survive with his nerves intact. Good luck with the new book!

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Thanks, Catherine. They just finished repairing everything yesterday and I’ve got almost everything moved back. So it only took a week for the chaos and disorder to be over. Spock is doing fine and happy to see the strangers gone from his home. He’s currently resting on his kitty cat heating pad. I’m spoiling him.

  5. Heidi DesRosier-Mathis

    Too late for the giveaway but just wanted to say good luck with the repairs. It’s such a hassle. ?


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