Stalked by Flames book trailer and behind the scenes pics

I’ve spent the last few days working on the book trailer for Stalked by Flames.  It took months of planning and coordination to put together since I had to get extra model shots done during the cover shoot (back in April) for it, along with finding the right music and clips to include in there.  You can check it out below.  Expect to see some footage similar to how things would appear in the book after Earth is attacked by dragons and a shot of a guy who looks close to how I see Aidan in my head (with some fire added around him, of course).  Thanks to Claudia McKinney at Phatpuppy Art) for doing the custom art for the still pics in the video!


Below are the behind-the-scenes pics from the cover/promo shoot my photographer (Teresa Yeh) was kind enough to send.  The model (Isabella Capri) who poses as Bailey had to get rather beaten up and bloody for one of the shots.  I was impressed with the amazing job she did pulling off the look and with the make-up artist (Nadya Rutman) for the realistic work she did getting the model ready (along with her assistant, Katy).  Isabella was kind enough to donate her own shorts and tank top for the shot since we didn’t want to mess up anything new.

Everything else the model is wearing I purchased through online retailers with the help of my cover design team (Sarah, Rachel, and Kristy) in choosing the right pieces.  One item was custom-made for the model.  The leg garter harness you see on the book cover and another shot in the video.  Thanks to Alison Esposito at Wild Wolf Leatherwork for putting the extra effort into crafting it just for this book series.  She did a great job!

Katy and Izzy 1 Katy and Izzy 2
Katy, Nadya, and Izzy 1


And the pics with extra make-up for the model to represent Bailey just after the initial dragon invasion in the book…

 Nadya preparing wardrobe 1 Nadya preparing wardrobe 2

Nadya and Izzy 4 Nadya and Izzy 3


Feel free to comment below.  For those who want them, I’m giving away Stalked by Flames bookmarks (U.S. and internationally).  Just be sure to mention you’re interested in getting one in your comment and include a valid email address in the appropriate field (not the comment section) so I can contact you for mailing information.  This offer stands until Saturday, August 8th.  There will be bigger giveaways coming up soon, so stay tuned to this blog for those as well!

Note- If you are a member of my cover design team or photography team (individuals mentioned in this post), you will be getting bookmarks soon.  The same goes for anyone who responded to my July newsletter.

10 thoughts on “Stalked by Flames book trailer and behind the scenes pics

  1. Sue Padgett

    Great music for the trailer! I really like it! the storyline sounds engaging and intriguing and should be the start of a great series! I’m not a particular fan of book trailers in general but this was fun. Oh, and I’d love a bookmark:)!

  2. Sarah L

    Love love love the trailer, it’s awesome! Again usually think book trailers are a bit something and nothing but this was definitely a cut above the rest. Just finished the book last night (well this morning actually 😉 ) and adored it, more on that 🙂

  3. Kristy

    The trailer turned out great! I’m reading the book now, and of course I’m absolutely loving it!

  4. Charlene

    I just finished your book! It is, without a doubt, fantabulistic! (Mixture of fantastic and fabulous) I absolutely love apocalyptic novels, and I haven’t come across a dragon one until now. The trailer is pretty good, and I’ve got to say the model looks very much like the description ! And I love the outfit- the arm braces especially! I’m looking forward to the next book 🙂 Oooh and I love the humor in the novel! And how realistic it is! Tampons are definitely still needed when the world crashes and burns 😛

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the novel so much, Charlene! We worked hard to find a model who fit Bailey as closely as possible. Isabella was really motivated to work on the project and did a great job. The bracers came from Etsy. I never knew until starting work on the covers for this series that there was such a wide selection of bracers out there! It’s been an eye-opener.

  5. sherry Stanley

    I loved your book! Could you please email me when the new one comes out. Can’t wait. Thanks, Sherry Stanley


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