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Some of you have asked about this in the past and now I can give you an answer!  Recently, Tantor Media approached me with an offer to buy the English language audio rights to the Sensor Series books (up to Darkness Clashes).  As much as I love handling ebooks and paperbacks myself, it was actually a relief to sell the rights for the audio and let professionals take care of it all.  I simply don’t have the time or the know-how to do it myself (though I respect the authors who do!).  This is a company who has handled many well-known authors so I trust them to do a great job.

The details of the deal included me getting final say on the narrator.  Last week they provided several wonderful choices.  One stood out in particular as being just the right voice for Melena.  I’m happy to say Cris Dukehart will be narrating all the Sensor Series books.  She has already started recording.

Update– There is now a sample of Cris reading the beginning of Darkness Haunts on the Tantor site here if you’d like to listen.

I’ve also got the release schedule for all the novels.  I’m including that below, along with links where they’re available for pre-order (CD versions only).  Once I have links to the digital download versions and any other retailers I’ll add those as well.

Darkness Haunts : 11/25/14  (Tantor/Amazon/B&N)
Darkness Taunts : 12/16/14  (Tantor/Amazon/B&N)
Chained by Darkness : 1/6/15  (Tantor/Amazon/B&N)
Darkness Divides : 1/27/15  (Tantor/Amazon/B&N)
Darkness Clashes : 2/17/15  (Tantor/Amazon/B&N)

For Playing with Darkness, it will be included at the end of Darkness Divides since its too short to stand on its own.  I’m glad Tantor recognized its significance to the series and offered to include it without me having to ask.  Plus it’s a bonus to readers so you won’t have to buy it separately.  They’ve also been great at working fast to get the books out and I hope those of you who enjoy the audio formats will be happy with the quality of their work!

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