Update for Darkness Taunts

Due to some personal setbacks in the last month or so including illness, a death in the family, and tornado outbreaks, I have fallen behind getting Darkness Taunts ready for release.  Most of the revisions are complete now, but I still need to let proofreaders get through it.  I estimate this will take up to a week before the novel is ready to go.  With that in mind you can expect it to be uploaded on retailer sites next weekend between July 6th-7th.  I will announce it on all my social media accounts the moment it is available and include links as they become available (most people know Barnes & Noble takes the longest).

This is something I dreaded announcing.  I’ve worked every possible moment to avoid it, but came to the conclusion I had to delay publication.  I do not want to give readers anything less than my best.  On that note, I have the first four chapters ready to go for you all to read so you can at least get started.  The only problem is they add up to a little over 14,000 words.  My plan is to put up the first two chapters tomorrow morning here and anyone who would like a free PDF copy of the first four may use the contact form to request them.

I will warn everyone now the second chapter ends on a cliffhanger whereas the fourth ends at a more natural stopping point.  If you’re like me and hate to be left hanging, you might go ahead and send me a request to get all four.  Starting tomorrow (Sunday) and up until release, I will be happy to provide the PDF document to anyone who wants it.  The contact form can be found on a tab toward the top of the page or you can click here.

My apologies for the delay.  Too many unforeseen circumstances set me back, but I hope you all will stick with me until Darkness Taunts is ready.

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