General FAQ

1) What books do you plan to write next?

I’m working on Dancing with Flames (book 2 in the Dragon’s Breath series) right now.  My hope is to have it out by mid-June.  After that, I’ll write the third book in the Dragon’s Breath series and plan to have it out in fall of 2016.

The first spin-off for the Sensor series will be released in early 2017.

2) Who designs your book covers?

Claudia McKinney at Phat Puppy Art designs the Sensor Series covers with Ashley from Bookish Brunette handling the typography.  Teresa Yeh has done the model photography for all my books except Darkness Taunts.

For the Dragon’s Breath series, Jeff Brown custom designs the backgrounds and dragons.  Claudia McKinney adds the model shot (taken by Teresa Yeh) and does the final touches.  The Font Diva handles the typography.

3) Who is your literary agent?

I don’t have one at this time.  I currently work directly with my publishers.

4) Who is your audio publisher?

Tantor Media

5) Will you be doing any book signings soon?

I’m not attending any conventions this year, but I am considering doing some signings this summer.  I’ll post about that in June and ask for cities where my readers would like me to visit.  Be sure to check back on this site if there’s a place (preferably in the central part of the United States) that you’d like me to travel for a signing.





If the above didn’t answer your question, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

9 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Annette Wishart

    Am loving the Sensor series & was wondering, will the latter novels be published in paperback? I love the hard copies of my favourite books

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hello Annette. Good question! I plan to get Darkness Divides out in paperback by mid-September. For Darkness Clashes, hopefully I’ll have it ready by sometime in October 🙂

  2. Ashanti Khan

    In the FAQ section on your website you mentioned that you went “the indie route” to get published. By that, do you mean self-publishing? Could you please talk about your experience? How you went about it. What was the process like? What pit falls did you encounter? What recommendations would you make for others who are considering doing the same thing? I would love to hear about your experience with self-publishing and then book selling.

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hello, Ashanti. I did mean self-publishing. As for how I went about it and your other questions, I think it might be easier to answer those in a blog post as my answers are rather long. I’ll put a link here when it’s done 🙂

  3. Rachel

    1. Is Ariel condemned to hell forever? Will we ever see her again?
    2. Will we get to see Yerik and his son together again? I’m sad he is spending the next ten years without his wife and child. I’m glad she’s getting some extra time on earth!
    3. So sad Hunter is gone! Can’t even think of a question for him – just sadness!
    4. Will Lucas be able to feel torture and pain like when Melena could feel it when he was in Purgatory?
    5. Kerbasi is my new favorite character.

    I had to number my thoughts since I had so many 🙂

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Lol, I’ll answer the best I can, but anyone reading this should only do so if they can’t wait for the answers until the next book:

      1) You will see her again. I won’t go into how 🙂
      2) If you get to see Yerik and his son together again, it won’t be until one of the spin-off books.
      3) I’m sad about Hunter, too. I wanted Emily to have that experience of a first love and he was perfect for that, but she also needs to find her place in the world without leaning on a man so unfortunately he had to go. It was a tough call to make, but if I’d created a break-up instead I would have had to make him go against character or have fans always hoping they’d hook back up if Emily pushed him away. That left me only one avenue to end things with them permanently. She’ll have a tough time, but she’ll find love again one day. Hence, why I’d like to give Emily her own series. She’ll have time to grow into a young woman and be more ready for something permanent by then (with some reluctance on her part at first, of course).
      4) You’re assuming Melena will be tortured. How do you know she doesn’t take that guardian entering her cell by the balls and threaten to make him eat them?

  4. Christy

    I love love love your books!!! I can’t wait to read the new sensor book and I am eagerly awaiting the second Dragon’s Breath book. I was just wondering when they will be released? Thanks for all the great writing!!!

    1. Susan Illene Post author

      Hello, Christy. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. As you may already be aware, Darkness Wanes is now out. For the next Dragon’s Breath book, I’m hoping to release it sometime in mid-June.


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