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Giving away three eBook copies of Darkness Haunts

*All three copies have been given away!*

For those of you who haven’t gotten a copy, or one is not available on the type of eReader you use yet, I am doing a giveaway.  You can win your choice of an ePub or Mobi version of Darkness Haunts, which can work on most any reading device or app just like the one you would normally purchase.

It’s fairly simple.  All you have to do is answer a question by leaving a comment on this post.  You’ll get the answer by listening to Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson’s radio show.  I promise, it should be a rather fun experience provided you are of a mature age.  Make sure you are doing nothing strenuous like exercise since some people have almost fallen off treadmills laughing so hard while listening. Also keep the kids out of hearing range.  If you’ve already listened to the show, you’re in luck and probably recall the answer. You are eligible as well.

The plan is to give away three copies.  As each person answers the question correctly in the section below, I’ll alter their comment to show they won, but take out the answer portion so no one can cheat.  Please make sure to use a valid email address when you leave your comment so I can contact you!  This is the link to the show if you prefer to listen to it live-stream on your computer:


This is the link where you can get it free on iTunes:

iTunes (look for episode 49)

And here is the Question:

What job did I say I would never want to do?

*This giveaway will remain open until all three copies have been awarded.  After that the comment section will be closed.